Germantown Style Navajo Rugs

Modern Germantown rugs are copies of a style featuring a 3 of 4 ply commercial yarn produced around the turn of the century from Germantown, PA. The yarns used today can be hand spun or commercially produced or a combination of both. The hand spun and commercial yarns are normally a single ply. The pattern can be both horizontally banded or be vertical. Germantown rugs usually have a red background. Many times the pattern looks like a chief rug with a lot more pattern. The Mokie have a blue background or a series of thin bands, alternating between blue and black.

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Moki Navajo Rug WB

Moki Navajo rug by Navajo weaver Wilbertson Begaye; 20" x 32"

Chief Navajo Rug JJ

Chief Pictorial Navajo rug by Navajo weaver James Joe ; 27" x 42"

Germantown Navajo Rug EJ

Germantown Navajo rug by Navajo weaver Evelyn Joe: 29" x 47"

Germantown Navajo Rug SJ

Germantown Style Navajo Rug by Navajo weaver Nellie Dean; 17" x 27"

Moki Navajo Rug ND

Moki style Navajo rug by Navajo weaver Nellie Dean; 37" x 52"