Yei Style Navajo Rugs

Yei Style Navajo Rug

This type of Navajo Rug depict the spirits or the Yei's. Usually, they show one or two elements of a Sand Painting, but it is not a complete Sand Painting. In many cases the yeis are partly surrounded by a rainbow guardian band. Yei-be-chei rugs are more like pictorials. They represent actual dancers of the Blessing Way Yei ceremony. Rugs from the Shiprock area are usually made with many colors. The yarn can be hand spun or commercially produced or a combination of both . Lukachukai Yei rugs differ in that they were vegetal dyed.

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Yei Navajo Rug NB

Navajo Yei rug by Navajo weaver Nora Bitah

Yei Navajo Rug DT

Navajo Yei rug by Navajo weaver Darlene Thomas

Yei Navajo Rug LW

Navajo Yei rug by Navajo weaver Louise White

Yei Navajo Rug MC

Yei rug by Navajo weaver Marlene Chee