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Native American and Navajo Indian Arts and Crafts For Sale Wholesale

Foutz Trading Company is a Native American Navajo arts and crafts store located on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Shiprock, NM.  All of our arts and crafts are authentically hand made.  The Foutz Family has over 100 years of dealing with Navajo people in trading posts throughout the Navajo Nation.

With almost every product that we sell, a card containing a brief description of the artist along with a picture of the artist is included. 

Navajo RugsNavajo Rugs and weaving was learned from the early Spanish settlers living in what is now New Mexico. Our Navajo rugs are all hand made using all wool yarns, either hand spun or commercially produced. The Foutz family has been on the Navajo Indian reservation for over 100 years selling all types of Navajo rugs. We offer for sale, wholesale and retail, almost all types of traditional patterned Navajo rugs. Most of these patterned rugs were named for the trading post from which region they originated. Two Grey Hill, Teec Nos Pos, Burntwater, Ganado, Crystal, Wide Ruin and Pine Springs are all trading posts. We also have many different pictorial rugs, which are woven pictures of the Navajo world as seen through their eyes. The Germantown and Chief Navajo weavings that we have for sale are copies or based on the patterns and colors used around the turn of the century. Yei, Yeibechei, and Sand painting rugs feature spirit figures from Navajo mythology woven into the rug as part of the pattern  All of the Navajo rugs for sell come with the name of the weaver as well as their photograph holding the rug they made.

navajo sandpaintings Navajo Sand Paintings are based on the ceremonial patterns drawn in the sand by Navajo medicine men while performing a healing ceremony. The art and craft that has developed from those ceremonies are now transferred into thin sheets of hardboard or particle board and sold as a snap shot of the Navajo spiritual way of life. The sand paintings that we offer for sale, both wholesale and retail, are made from natural or color enhanced sand. A base coat of sand is applied to the board and allowed to dry. A pattern is then scratched on top of the base coat. Sand is then sprinkled on top of the glue and allowed to dry. The excess is shaken off and the next layer of the desired pattern is scratched on top of the existing pattern. This building up of layers is repeated until the finished sand painting pattern is complete. Whether you are buying wholesale or just for yourself, as with all of our Navajo arts and crafts, the name of the artist as well as their photograph comes with each sandpainting.

    sand painting boxesNavajo Sand Painting Boxes are made in our shop, from solid Oak and come in many different sizes and sand painting designs.

Native American artifact Native American Artifacts are reproductions of Native American and Navajo Indian ceremonial  paraphernalia, hunting tools and weapons.  This includes Dream Catchers, Medicine Wheels, spears, knives, bows, and arrows. Also includes smoking pipes, sometimes called peace pipes, in many different styles. All of our authentic, hand made Artifacts and reproductions are constructed using natural materials, glass beads, stone arrow heads, antiqued leather, horse hair, and bone. All of our Native American and Navajo Indian Artifacts and reproductions come with a tag with the name and photo of the maker.  These items are for sale both wholesale and retail.

Navajo traditional potteryTraditional Navajo Pottery is traditionally hand coiled. After finishing and firing, it is covered in pine pitch. Originally Navajo pottery was not fired hot enough as to make it a water tight ceramic, hence the pine pitch coating to make it water proof. The beauty of this Navajo pottery is in the simplicity of designs and sheen obtained after it has been hand polished.

Navajo etchware potteryNavajo Etched Pottery

Navajo horsehair potteryHorse Hair Pottery is made from commercal clay that is poured into a mould.  Using a knife, a pattern is hand etched, into the casting. It is the painted and or sprinkled with horse hair, then fired in an electric kilm.  This is all done by hand and each item is a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Navajo folk art Native American Folk Art that we have for sale are carved wooden visions of how the Navajo see themselves and the world around them. A photo of the maker as well as a short bio, can be supplied with each piece of Native American folk art. Wholesale pricing is avalaible for volume orders.

Navajo ornaments Native American Ornaments are for any decorative or festive occasion. We have for sale animals, and Kachina heads that are carved from wood and then painted. The balls are made of glass or ceramic. The glass balls are coated with sand and then traditional Navajo ceremonial designs are applied. The ceramic balls are painted, then designs are carved into it, and finally fired. We have wholesale pricing for volume orders.

Navajo bead work Native American and Navajo Indian Beadwork  for sale is made by Navajo Indians on the Navajo Indian reservation. We feature a large selection of Navajo hand beaded ear rings, bracelets, barrettes, key rings, pins, and other beaded craft items. Almost all of our Navajo hand made beadwork we sell is made with small #14 or #15 glass beads. A card with a photo of the maker comes with each piece of Native American bead work. Wholesale pricing is available for volume orders.

Navajo dye chart medicine chart Navajo Dye Charts display some of the different plants which are used to make the dye for the woolen yarn used in the weaving of Navajo rugs. They are made with a solid oak wood frame with a glass top and come in many different sizes.
Navajo Indian Medicine Charts contain samples of some of the different plants and herbs used in traditional Navajo healing. They are made with a solid oak wood frame with a glass top and come in many different sizes.
Navajo Kachina DollNavajo Kachina Dolls are traditionally made of cottonwood root. Kachina Dolls are objects which represent the Katsina or the spirits that inhabit the world along with the Hopi people. Kachinas can be any object , inanimate or not, in the natural world. Because of their power, Kachinas or Katsina must be given respect in order to be assured that no bad will come to the people and that the Kachinas will use their power to help in time of sickness or to increase the peoples prosperity.
During certain religious ceremonies, dancers sometime dress as Kachinas and dolls of the Kachina are sometimes given as gifts to children and guests.

 Navajo Cloth Dolls we have for sale are all hand made from cotton and velveteen cloth material.

Navajo art paintingsNative American and Navajo Indian Fine Art featuring many Navajo and other Native American Indian artists.  The styles range from the Traditional Native American themes to the contemporary in oil, acrylic, and pencil.
Navajo drumsNative American Drums are Cochiti Indian made. The material used is either Aspen or Cottonwood; the log or limb is hollowed out and covered and stiched with wet rawhide leather. A handmade beater comes with each drum. Many of the drums have traditional designs painted on them using acrylic oils or colored sand.

stone sculptureStone Sculpture by local Native American Indian sculptors using mainly alabaster, which comes in many different colors and is quarried here in the four corners region. We have sculptures in many different sizes and price ranges.  All are hand made and come with a tag with the artists photo and name.

Navajo basketsNative American Baskets are similar in construction and design to Ute Baskets. Most of our Baskets are traditional 3 ring Navajo Wedding Baskets, but others have intricate patterns and colors.