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Authentic Navajo Arts and Crafts featuring Navajo Rugs for sale wholesale as well as Navajo sand paintings, folk art, Native American and Navajo beadwork, fine art, stone sculpture,  Navajo pottery, artifacts such as Dreamcatchers and Bows & Arrows.  So much more to see, all at very competitive pricing.

Navajo Rugs  

The many styles and patterns of authentic handmade Navajo Rugs we have for sale

Navajo Sand Paintings

Many styles, sizes and patterns of Navajo Sand Paintings for sale

Navajo Fine Art PaintingsNavajo Oil Painting

Original Navajo Oil, Pencil and Acrylic Paintings

Navajo Misc Crafts |Native American Drums |Navajo Baskets

Navajo Drums Baskets and other Misc Navajo crafts for sale

Navajo Pottery

Traditional, Etched and Horsehair Navajo Pottery for sale

Navajo Artifacts 

Many types of authentic Navajo Artifacts, Dreamcatchers, Tomahawks, and Bows and Arrows

Navajo Folk Art

Navajo Folk Art and Folk Art Ornaments for sale

Navajo Beadwork

Many styles, Colors and Patterns of Navajo Beadwork

Navajo Kachina Dolls | Navajo Cloth Dolls 

Navajo made Kachina Dolls and Navajo Cloth Dolls for sale

Navajo Stone Sculpture

Our wide selection of Navajo made stone sculpture

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Featured products

Navajo Pictorial Rug JB

Navajo Pictorial rug by Joanne Begaye; 17"w x 16"l

Navajo Sand Painting 3D by Navajo artist Bilson Kee

Navajo Sand Painting 3D cutouts by Bilson Kee; 19" x 19" framed

Navajo Sand Painting "COYOTE STEALING FIRE"

Navajo Sand Painting ,"COYOTE STEALING FIRE", by Orlando Myerson

Moki Navajo Rug EJ

MokiNavajo rug by Navajo weaver Eunice Joe; 28" x 40"