Navajo crafted Beadwork. Kachins and Cloth Dolls, Sand Paintings, Folk Art such as Chickens, Animals, Birds and People, Traditional and Etched Pottery, Artifacts such as Dream Catchers, Bows and Arrows, Pipes, Spears


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Foutz Trading is a bonded and licenced Navajo Indian Trading Company on the Navajo Indian Reservation.

We are one of the largest wholesale distributors of authentic Navajo Indian Arts & Crafts in the USA.  All of our Navajo Rugs, Sand Paintings, Artifacts, Navajo Beadwork, Dolls as well as Navajo Pottery,  and all other Crafts are bought in our store, direct from the Navajo people, in Shiprock, NM



We are one of the largest wholesale distributors of authentic Navajo Rugs in the country. We buy Navajo rugs for both retail and wholesale every day at our trading post in Shiprock NM. All of our authentic Native American Navajo Rugs and weavings are all made by hand using a traditional upright loom. We carry most of the major styles of Traditional Navajo Rugs.  Please browse our selection of Teec Nos Pos, Two Grey Hills, Yei, Germantown revival and Ganado Red rugs as well as many others


The Navajo People have been making Dolls for their children for hundreds of years.  Because they live  close to the Hopi, they have copied many of their Kachina dolls.

We have 2 types of Navajo Dolls for sale both wholelsale and retail.

Navajo Cloth Dolls are the toy companions given to children.  They are usually made from cotton or velveteen cloth, using  yarn, beads, or leather as adornment.

Navajo Kachina Dolls are copies of Hopi Kachina Dolls.  Navajo Kachina Dolls are carved and fashioned from wood and may feature  leather, rabbit fur, feathers, and beads for adornment.


The Gallery  is our collection of rare one of a kind Navajo Crafts such as Navajo Folk Art or Folkart, Navajo Baskets, Navajo Sculpture and Navajo Sand Paintings - Sandpaintings and Navajo Pottery



  • For Better and or Rare Navajo Pottery, whether Traditional Coiled Navajo or poured and etched.

  • The best Navajo Baskets made

  • The most sought after and different Navajo Folkart to be found

  • Navajo Stone and Wood Sculpture from the most renowned Artists on and off the Navajo Indian Reservation

  • Our best Navajo Sand Paintings which have been matted and framed.


  • The best and most desirable collection of authentic Navajo Indian Pawned Jewely from the Pawn Vaults of Foutz Trading Company in Kirtland, NM




Here you will find Navajo made flutes, Craddle Boards, Navajo Rug Looms, and other different and hard to find Navajo Crafts.


Navajo Folk Art or Folkkart are carved visions of how the Navajo see themselves and the animals living in the world around them. We carry Navajo chickens, Navajo Shoe game figures, wood horses, as well as miniature sheep and goats. Look at all of our many other animals carved from wood and then painted in bright colors.


Native American Navajo Fine Art Paintings from many of the most noted artists on the Navajo Indian Reservation.

NAVAJO ARTIFACTS like Dreamcatchers, Bows & Arrows Tomahawks and Rattles

Navajo Artifacts are reproductions of Native American ceremonial and war fighting implements. 
Included are antiqued Dreamcatchers, Medicine Wheels, Bows and Arrows, Tomahawks, Rattles and Peace Pipes.


Native American Navajo Beadwork. Hand beaded products in the small size 15 bead size.  Navajo beaded barrettes, bracelets, pins, bolo ties, ear rings and key chains, necklaces and more. 


We have 3 types of Native American Navajo Indian Pottery. Traditional Navajo Pottery is Covered with Pinon Tree Pitch. Originally this was to make it waterproof as the clay was not fired deep enough to form a true ceramic.  There is Etched or Navajo Etchware Pottery which is a poured ceramic which is the hand carved and painted.  Navajo Horsehair Pottery is a poured ceramic to which real horse hair is burned to create a pattern on the pot.


Navajo Sand Painting Boxes come with sand painting inserts. the Oak box is made in our shop, come in many different sizes and sandpainting designs. Plain or matted and framed in glass. 


Navajo Sandpaintings or Sand Paintings you find on this site, either contemporary or traditional in design, are made by Navajo people living on the Navajo Indian Reservation in New Mexico. All of our sandpaintings (sand paintings) are each uniquely made using natural or colored sand from the sand paintings used by traditional Navajo Medicine Men.
We mat and frame our sand paintings using the latest in modern computer controlled mat cutting machines.
What you see on this site represents only a small fraction of the hundreds of sandpaintings that we have in stock.




Navajo Alabaster Sculpture are hand crafted by some of the most talented Native American sculptors around, such as Alvin Marshall, Tim Washburn and Ray Pettigrew to name a few.  Most of the stone carved is alabaster native to the four corners region of New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado, the sacred home of the Navajo Indian people. Each sculpture is unique and one of a kind carved in both traditional and contemporary poses.  Whether you are looking to buy a small bear fetish carving or a large art gallery Navajo stone sculpture you can find them here for sale both wholesale and retail.


Navajo Dye and Medicine Charts feature the actual plants used in the color dyeing of the wool yarn used in weaving Navajo Rugs as well as the plants used in Traditional Navajo Medicine.


All of our Native American Drums come to us from the Cochiti Pueblo reservation. Every Drum is individually hand made using a rew hide cover.  The painted drums are all painted by our local Navajo sandpainting artists.


Navajo Ornaments are for any decorative or festive occasion. All of our hand crafted Navajo ornaments are made by local artists and will come with a picture of the artist who made them. Our Ornament Balls are made with sand over a glass ball featuring Tradition Navajo designs or are a poured ceramic which is then colored and fired.