Native American Navajo Drums

Native American Drums featuring Navajo Indian and Cochiti Indian Drums

All of our Native American Drums come to us from the Cochiti Pueblo reservation. Every drum is individually hand made using a raw hide cover. The painted drums are all painted by our local Navajo sandpainting artists.  Retail and Wholesale

Cochiti drums

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Cochiti Drum 054

Cochiti Drum 5.5" width

Cochiti Drum 135

Cochiti Drum 7.5" width

Cochiti Painted Drum 120

Small Cochiti Pueblo Painted Hand Drum

Cochiti Painted Drum 270

Large Cochiti Pueblo Painted Hand Drum

Cochiti Drum 090

Cochiti Drum 6.5" width

Cochiti Drum 300

Cochiti Drum 12" width

Cochiti Drum 180

Cochiti Drum 10" width