Sandpainting Style Navajo Rugs

Sandpainting rugs are rugs where the design does have meaning. They are woven copies of the actual sandpaintings done in the sand by a medicine person. The healing ceremonies are called Ways and could include up to 8 sand paintings done over a period of several nights. A Yei rug will use a figure from a sand painting but it has no meaning by itself.

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Navajo Creation Collection

These 6 Navajo are taken from the book "The Navajo Creation Story"

Navajo Sand Painting Rug ARN

Navajo Sand Painting rug by Navajo weaver Arnold Begay; 46" x 33"

Navajo Sand Painting Rug NB

Navajo Sand Painting rug by Nora Bitah; 39" x 33"

Navajo Sandpainting Rug 3

Navajo Sand painting rug by Arnold Begay