Outline Style Navajo Rugs

There are two basic types of Outline rugs. The Teec Nos Pos outline generally has a gray background. The Red Mesa Outline has a red background. They are named for the Trading posts from whose area they originated. The main pattern is a series of zigzags of different colors. These zigzags are then outlined with a thin layer of a contrasting color. It is also common for this style to have the decorated outer border typical of a Teec Nos Pos.

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Outline Navajo Rug BRB

Outline Navajo rug by Navajo weaver Betty Rose Begay; 19" x 26"

Outline Navajo Rug HS

Outline Navajo rug by Navajo weaver Hilda Silas; 23" x 31"

Outline Navajo Rug MT

Outline style Navajo Rug by Navajo weaver Michelle Toledo; 22" x 30"